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MichaelDick 02.05.2018 13:22

My Turbo R18 Honda Civic.

This has been compiled with help from my friends/tuners Venkat and Joe as if I try to write something technical, it will read like the script of a comedy show based on cars! Even before we started ordering anything from ebay or amazon, I had made my requirements/usage clear to Joe and Venkat. I want a FAST car. A daily driver. As reliable as a stock car. As silent as a stock car. I DO NOT want a BHP monster or a dyno beast. I dont give a rat's a.s.s about how much BHP my car makes. I dont ever want to dyno my car and then get involved with numbers in this incredibly political and emotionally charged automotive tuning scene. I dont care if my car makes 50hp more or 100 hp more or 500 hp more. I just want a fun, fast car with stock reliability.

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